Top 10 Apps to Create Animation Cartoon Character for Free

Top 10 Apps to Create Animation Cartoon Character for Free

If you want to make an animation cartoon character, you can find several good apps that offer you a variety of tools. Some of them are free to download and can be used on Android and iOS devices. Powtoon, Doratoon, and PicsArt Animator are just a few of them. These apps are great for the beginner, but if you want to be a professional animator, you can purchase some tools to help you get started.


If you’ve ever wanted to make an animation cartoon, you’ve probably thought about using an app that will let you create a character in just a few minutes. FlipaClip is one such app, which allows you to create a character using a frame-by-frame principle. Once you have created the required number of images, the app will generate a cartoon for you.

Another app that will allow you to create an animation cartoon is Toontastic. This app allows you to record and share your creations in HD. It also encourages participation in online communities and animation contests. Kids will love the opportunity to learn about storytelling and develop their artistic skills using this app. The app also includes a variety of playsets and a large variety of characters.

Draw Cartoons 2 lets you export your creations as videos and PDFs, as well as individual frames as images. The app also allows you to use photos from your phone’s gallery. For those who like to play around with their creations, this app lets you create an animated character for free and export it in different formats. The main limitation of this app is that it can’t produce longer animations, since you’ll have to manually draw multiple frames. It can be time-consuming and difficult, especially if you are working on a small screen.


If you’re in need of some cartoon character inspiration, Moovly is an excellent place to start. This free video-making software offers an unlimited library of media assets and a drag-and-drop interface. Users can add images, text, and animations to their projects, and synchronize them on a timeline. Moovly also offers the ability to collaborate with others. You can choose from over a million royalty-free media items to use in your animations.

Moovly has an extensive set of drawing tools, and it can transfer images from tracing. It also includes a handy skeletal animation function. It also supports exporting finished toon animations to many formats. This program has an extensive library for creating animation cartoon characters, and is designed to be used by beginners and professionals.

Another great feature of Moovly is the ability to animate with the use of an Apple pencil. It gives users the ability to fully control their animation from start to finish. The app also includes free animation templates and particle effects.


There are many ways to create a cartoon character. You can create a basic animation with a free app, or you can use a paid app to make more complex animations. The key is to choose the app that suits your needs and provides you with the tools you need to create your own cartoon. There are many apps available, free or paid, that can help you improve your animation design skills and professionalism.

StickDraw is free animation software that enables you to draw stick figures and export MP4 or GIF videos. This app is especially useful for creating stick figures because it allows you to control the details of each frame. It also allows you to import music and pictures to use as backgrounds.

The app is simple to use and includes great graphics. The app allows you to export your finished animation in gif or mp4 format, and it allows you to draw with your hands and use background pictures. It is free, but you can also purchase a paid version to remove advertisements.

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