How to Use the Image Editing Tools in Filmora 9

How to Use the Image Editing Tools in Filmora 9

Filmora 9 is an image editing software. It allows you to import photos, videos, and other media assets. Once you’ve imported photos, you can adjust the duration and other settings for the photos you want to edit. You can also set a default duration for photos. If you’re not sure how to use the editing tools in Filmora 9, keep reading.

Audio tracks

Filmora 9 image editing software includes a powerful audio library for royalty-free music. Users can add audio tracks for a soundtrack, titles, credits, and other effects. The program also lets users import their own audio files. They can drag and drop the audio files into the Media Library or Audio Track in the timeline.

The program also comes with keyframing for audio, which helps you control volume. It also features a peak meter to see if audio is clipped and allows users to mix audio files. Users can also adjust the duration of effects. There are also transitions available for mixing audio files.

In addition to audio, Filmora9 image editing software supports 100 audio and video tracks. The application’s intuitive interface draws heavily on Final Cut Pro. It also boasts a powerful magnetic timeline and 100 audio and video tracks. The program also allows users to record their own computer screen for live streaming, tutorials, and commentary.

The program has a new feature that makes it easy to add audio to an image. It allows users to import video, audio, and text files from a variety of sources. Users can import videos from their camera, smartphone, Facebook, or Instagram, and many other sources. The program also features an Instant Cutter tool to cut videos before importing them into the library.

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