How to Cross Out Text in Discord

How to Cross Out Text in Discord

You can easily cross out text in Discord by using the Context menu. In the menu, you can press the Shift key and hit the “tilde” sign on either side of the word. The same technique can be used if you are using the browser version of Discord.


Markdown allows you to cross out text in Discord with a single keystroke. You can use this to cross out words or even entire sections of text. If you use a physical keyboard, you can use the tilde key to cross out text in both directions. You can also use markdown to format your text.

Markdown formatting is a great way to add emphasis to your writing. If you want to emphasize a single word or phrase, you can use the tilde key (located at the top left of your keyboard). You can also use a strikethrough to create an emphasis.

To cross out text in Markdown in Discord, press the tilde key on your keyboard. You should see a menu pop up. You can now type in your text. You will then see the markdown symbol at the start and end of the word. The word will be crossed out when you send it to other users.

If you want to use markdown in Discord, you must know how to format text correctly. Markdown allows you to format your text in a special way without writing HTML. Markdown formatting also allows you to use Spoiler tags. Spoiler tags can be used to negate spoilers. To learn more about Spoiler Tags, check out our guide. We hope you find this guide useful.

If you want to cross out text in Markdown in Discor, you can use the double-tilde keys, which are found near the upper left of your keyboard. Simply enter these keys after typing a word or sentence. This will strikethrough the highlighted text, so you can easily make corrections to the text.


If you’ve ever wanted to add underlined text to a message in Discord, you may be wondering how to do it. Fortunately, Discord offers a convenient way to do this. The first step is to open Discord’s Personal Message section, and type a message. When you’ve finished typing, hit the enter key to send the message.

One of the best ways to make your text stand out is to use the Discord markup language. This system was created by Aaron Swartz and John Gruber in 2004 to make it easy to format text in a number of ways. It’s a lightweight, text-based language that offers a variety of formatting options, and it’s easy to learn. The markup language has been integrated into the Discord software, so you can use it to easily switch between fonts.

There are two ways to add bold or underline text in Discord. First, you can place an underscore at the beginning and the end of the text you wish to underline. Next, you can use italics. You can also use italics and bold text for your message.

If you’re new to Discord, you might already be familiar with bold or colored text, but you may not be familiar with how to use it. You can learn how to use simple commands, as well as more complicated ones, to create more appealing text. Once you start using Discord, you’ll find that it’s easy to become addicted to its features.

Another way to underline text in Discord is to use the asterisk symbol. This symbol is easy to use and will allow you to bold and underline text at the same time. The asterisk symbol should be placed inside or outside of the text casing. Make sure there is no space between the two asterisk symbols.

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