How to Choose a Reliable Employee Surveillance App

How to Choose a Reliable Employee Surveillance App

Using a reliable employee surveillance app can offer many benefits to employers. These can range from cost benefits to increased productivity. For example, XNSPY has more than 40 advanced features to help you monitor employees. It is easy to install, and it does not require a monthly fee. The software can also record video and audio for up to a year.


InterGuard is an employee surveillance app that allows you to monitor employees’ activities. This software offers a one-week free trial and two pricing plans. The cloud-hosted plan starts at $9.99 per user per month for up to 25 employees. Larger companies can also request custom pricing.

InterGuard allows you to monitor a wide variety of digital activities, including email, social media, instant messaging, websites, and apps. It also allows you to set up role-based web access policies to ensure employees access only the websites necessary for their job. You can even view employees’ desktops and log their keystrokes remotely. InterGuard’s software also allows you to customize the reports that it generates.

The monitoring tools provide many benefits to businesses, such as prevention of cybersecurity mistakes and the theft of sensitive information. Companies also benefit from employee data, as it allows them to serve more personalized features and offers. With InterGuard, employers can monitor employee time and gather evidence in the event of an incident.

Another important benefit of InterGuard is its remote file deletion feature. It will remotely delete sensitive files or folders. It also has endpoint locking capabilities, so if someone is using a stolen or unauthorized computer, you can regain control of it and retrieve any deleted data. However, you must pay for the cloud-based version of InterGuard if you wish to use it on a large scale.

While employee monitoring software is designed to monitor employee activity, it is not a replacement for a physical surveillance system. Employees must have a clear understanding that an employer is monitoring their activities. A well-designed employee monitoring app will let you see when employees are using sensitive information and if they’re wasting time.


SentryPC offers a variety of features for monitoring employee activity. It includes a geofencing tool to alert administrators whenever a device leaves or enters a specific area, keystroke monitoring, and a chronological timeline of events for each user. Other features include monitoring of the location of all licensed computers and the ability to export visual charts in different formats. This makes SentryPC a very versatile employee surveillance app, and one that is perfect for small businesses that want to monitor employee activity.

SentryPC is cloud-based, which means you can access your account from any device. It also features a sleek and intuitive dashboard that allows you to easily configure monitoring parameters, view and record employee activity, and manage all of the devices from one place. The software allows you to view information in real-time and instantly apply changes based on what you see. It also allows you to view all activity in detail, including screenshots.

SentryPC is an employee surveillance app that enables employers to see what employees are doing on their computers and smartphones. This allows you to control employee activity, identify problems before they start affecting your business, and block inappropriate applications and websites. The app also gives you the ability to send emails to employees and manage their activities from one central location. All employees can log into their SentryPC account from any internet-enabled device, and you can monitor everything that they do on their computers and smartphones.

Its IP-tracking feature logs the location of each employee’s PC on a map. This feature is useful for determining where employees spend the most time during the day. Having a clear picture of employee activity and where employees spend most of their time is crucial to your business’ overall performance. The monitoring app also offers reports that can be sent via email or downloaded in PDF format. The reports can show whether an employee is being productive and not. The monitoring feature can also help you monitor any lost or stolen computers. The monitoring software also lets you view screen captures.

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